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c. milla jovovich, michelle rodriguez

kung sinuman ang nakaisip na gawing pelikula itong video game na ito, tanga siya.

ang pangit. walang katuturan. wala na ring epek sa akin si michelle rodriguez. matagal na kaming break. kasalanan ng bad role niya sa BLOODRAYNE. at saka wala na siyang bisexual mystique sa akin. i divorce you michelle. chos.

simple lang kuwento. clandestine government science genetic experiments gone wrong. self-extermination, self-preservation. kill all people. dead people become zombies. swat-like soldiers with high-powered weapons try to kill dead people. they all die. almost. fast forward to sequel. pero wala akong kopya nun kaya di ko na tatyagain. ech.

tho interesting sa akin how they explained kung bakit nagiging zombie ang patay. kasi the human body is full of electricity and this virus they were injected with or inhaled triggered the electric chorva of the body, making it come alive but without any intelligence or soul, only the very basic instinct for survival, which is to eat. ewan lang kung bakit ang kakainin ng zombie e tao rin. parang walang explanation dun. or i was yawning when they were explaining it. wotevah.

chaka. sayang pera.

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