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to cap my weekend, caught this one on the big screen. lesson learned: why oh why did we ever forget that if a film is directed by michael bay, we have to bring earplugs. as in. maingay siyang direktor. siguro bingi siya, like some filmmakers out there na kilala natin. ang ingay ng pelikula, considering na ang subject matter ay mga bakal na kumakalansing lagi. as in, ang ingay. tunog bakal lang.

per of course i have to see this film. it’s a blast from my past, because i grew up watching the cartoon show of these characters. they got a lot of things right naman, like yung chracterizations ng robots, at panalo pala ang voice ni megatron dahil si hugo “the matrix/v for vendetta” weaving pala iyon. panalo. tapos yung special sound effects kapag nagta-transform sila, this time better version lang kasi parang nahaluan ng some kinda metallic techno sound. yun nga lang, tama sabi ng ka-date ko, na bakit di nila ginamit yung original theme song as part of the soundtrack. tama. ganda pa naman ng theme song niya, simple lang. parang like what they did with the spiderman theme song. dapat ganun.

oh well. nakakatamad lang panoorin ito kasi ang bagal ng story development. the first 40 minutes could have been chopped and reduced to 15 easy. pero they have to show a lot of the human back story crap pa. doesn’t work men. plus they have to focus pa ba on a lot of the bang-klang-whoosh-blug scenes ng fight sequences? daming puwedeng i-edit, e. hay…

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