War of the Woulds

A.K.A. ang pagbabalik ng Manyunyugi ng Pelikulang Panget, or in short, should I come back with this comeback? Or would I survive reviewing this revival-ish of a film? Ma at pa, beh. Ma at pa. So sige, keber lang. I'm back, bichezzz! STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2017) d., s. Rian Johnson p. Lucasfilm/Disney chuva … Continue reading War of the Woulds

of wrong timings and wasting time

Cinema-watching, for me, is not really a waste of time as some people treat it. Kanya-kanyang habit lang iyan, I suppose. We all have our favorite ways of spending our time or we have techniques in wasting time. Walang basagan ng trip, 'ika nga. But it's a totally different thing if a film wastes my … Continue reading of wrong timings and wasting time


[FROM MY OLD MULTIPLY SITE] originally posted at leaflens.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------- WAR OF THE WORLDS d. steven spielberg c. tom cruise story from the novel by h.g. wells i'm sure there's a perfectly good philosophical reason chorva as to why there are aliens who buried their metal monsters on earth and activated them via lightning storms … Continue reading WAR OF THE WORLDS


[FROM MY OLD MULTIPLY SITE] originally posted at leaflens.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------- RESIDENT EVIL c. milla jovovich, michelle rodriguez kung sinuman ang nakaisip na gawing pelikula itong video game na ito, tanga siya. ang pangit. walang katuturan. wala na ring epek sa akin si michelle rodriguez. matagal na kaming break. kasalanan ng bad role niya sa BLOODRAYNE. … Continue reading RESIDENT EVIL


[FROM MY OLD MULTIPLY SITE] originally posted at leaflens.blogspot.com -------------- THE INVASION c. nicole kidman, daniel craig based on the '50s sci-fi novel Invasion of The Body Snatchers, i watched this one because the trailer seemed promising and the storyline also had that old movie appeal, but with a modern touch. maybe that's because the … Continue reading THE INVASION