MMFF2016: Sunday’s best, all year long

That a documentary film, a full-length one at that, was included in the MMFF 2016 line-up signifies that the right people (or at least a handful maybe) are sitting there at the selection committee of this fest the past year. And good to know that they have enough sensibilities to consider all kinds of films … Continue reading MMFF2016: Sunday’s best, all year long

Queering the #Oscars2015 show

I don't know about you but I wasn't so happy with the Academy Awards this year. Aside from Neil Patrick Harris having some lame-o jokes na kailangan pang i-explain, the whole show did away with some of the add-ons that make the Oscars the Oscars in previous years. Like for instance, each award should have … Continue reading Queering the #Oscars2015 show

Have a gay day the “indie film” way yey!

September was a happy time for new film releases that are not made under the auspices of film production companies that either mangle brilliant scripts by letting them "be critiqued" by their lupon of creative consultants or don't touch inanely written "template films" (read: nagawa mo na 'yan last year direk and the year before … Continue reading Have a gay day the “indie film” way yey!


[FROM MY OLD MULTIPLY SITE] originally posted at --------------------------------------------------------------   ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE (2007) d. jamie babbit pitch: a pre-college student working in a plastic surgeon's office finds love and radical feminist advocacy in a girl who's a member of the appropriately termed group CIA or Clits in Action (i'm not making this … Continue reading ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE