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of cliches and timeless tactics

Posted in film school teacher talk, scriptwriting on January 23, 2010 by leaflens

I saw this link on posted by a colleague on facebook, and I can’t help but laugh at what it suggests. The feature tells of the top 10 movie cliches daw na sawang-sawa na ang author nito na napapanood sa sine.

I laughed a lot at most of the entries but the other entries I didn’t really find funny. It’s nice that someone does these countdown things for fun, pero I guess if you’re not a scriptwriter, you won’t realize that some of these cliches are timeless strategies to help move the film’s narrative forward, lalo na ‘yung unang-una, what he called the “stupid villains” who talk a lot just when they are about to shoot the bida or the protagonist. James Bond films daw marami nito.

It’s not such a cliche. It’s a dramaturgical device actually, na tinawag ding “monologuing” thanks to The Incredibles (when that non-superhero boy villain was explaining his tactic to Mr. Incredible) or originally, this was simply called “villain speech.” All action movies have this. Whether you see it as they suffer from it or it’s a needed device in Act 2 of the 3-act dramaturgical structure, it’s up to you. But it works. Kaya nga siya naging cliche, e.

Sorry can’t help it. The scriptwriting teacher in me needed to say that heheh. Ito kasi ang lesson namin in the next two weeks, plotting and dramaturgical devices, kaya tumambad sa utak ko ang reaksiyones na itey. Still, aliw naman ang site na iyon.

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