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d. clement virgo
s. tamara berger from her novel of the same title

this is a very interesting film. i saw it when i was rummaging through my girlfriend’s boxes of dvd collection. she recommended it so i took it with me.

what caught my eye was not the provocative poster design (but it helped a bit) but the casting of lauren lee smith as the sex-positive protagonist. but it also disturbed me that her love interest was played by this guy eric balfour, na if i am not mistaken was in the cast of SIX FEET UNDER’s first season and was in a scene with the main daughter doon, involving toe-sucking at that. basta something weird like that, noong panahong okay pa ang pagkakasulat at pagkakadirek sa show na yun. but i digress.

wala, di ko lang kasi bet ang fez ng aktor na ito. pero sige na nga. matapang kasi siya. kung hubad, hubad! kahit bumuyangyang ang nota! same with lauren. ayuz. kaya siguro sila na-cast kasi wala silang kiyeme sa pag-arte…at maganda ito kasi walang kiyeme ang pelikula sa pagpapakita ng sex. sensual at hindi siya pornographic men. kaya i likes.

this film says it was also based on a novel. interesting to see how the novel was written, but i have a feeling it had a first person pov narrator, yung girl, na walang kiyeme sa sex. when she needs it and wants it, she gets it, sometimes without even caring about the other party involved, in this case she only sees it as the dick that will give her pleasure and make her come. man, how feminist! ayuz. ayoko lang yung medyo parang spacey floating characterization ng girl, pero okay rin na di siya ginawang super definitive sa stance regarding what she likes and hates. may konting air of mystery, childishness, sensuality and strong-willed pursuance of what she wants. and this would have fallen flat if not handled well by a good actress. and lauren is that. lezzies probably remember her best as that super malakas ang dating out and proud sous chef lara na crush ni kloseta dana the tennis player sa first season ng THE L WORD. andun din siya du sa tv series na MUTANT X ba yun na di ko mawari kung pinsan ba sila ng XMEN o ripoff galore. basta. di baga sa kanya ang mga ganung superhero chuchu role. but i digress.

simple lang ang story. tungkol lang sa pagkakilala ng guy sa girl. e yun guy may jowa na pero keber lang, tapos ang treatment sa buong pelikula e quiet lang, hindi scandalous affairs chenes, hindi pa-intelektwal o pa-philosophically emotional chenelyns whatnot na typical sa isang indie film — and this is indeed an indie film. medyo dragging nga lang ang pacing. it could have used some cuts.

ayun. okay siya. not so great pero puwede na.

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