MMFF 2016: Oro plata woof-woof

I'm not even going there, folks. I know ORO has a lot of controversy surrounding it, but we'll be barking up the wrong tree if I'll focus on it hehe. Google niyo na lang mga bes. For me, it's irrelevant to discuss here because I want to focus on the film itself, because I think … Continue reading MMFF 2016: Oro plata woof-woof

MMFF2016: Sunday’s best, all year long

That a documentary film, a full-length one at that, was included in the MMFF 2016 line-up signifies that the right people (or at least a handful maybe) are sitting there at the selection committee of this fest the past year. And good to know that they have enough sensibilities to consider all kinds of films … Continue reading MMFF2016: Sunday’s best, all year long

Have a gay day the “indie film” way yey!

September was a happy time for new film releases that are not made under the auspices of film production companies that either mangle brilliant scripts by letting them "be critiqued" by their lupon of creative consultants or don't touch inanely written "template films" (read: nagawa mo na 'yan last year direk and the year before … Continue reading Have a gay day the “indie film” way yey!

Awaaard si vakler dahil tegi sa logic

Or in short, here's my review of the "independently-produced" movie still showing in commercial cinemas right now. Wagi in fairness sa longevity ha. Ikaw na, Remington! Chos. ZOMBADINGS 1: PATAYIN SA SHOKOT SI REMINGTON (2011) d. Jade Castro p. Origin8 s. Raymond Lee, Michiko Yamamoto, Jade Castro c. ayan read the poster obvious naman haller … Continue reading Awaaard si vakler dahil tegi sa logic

Cinemalaya 2011: Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank

Since I'm currently in the state of straddling the line between the poverty of creativity (poverty of creativity talaga!) of other people, I should add, and walking out of their spheres of influence (don't wanna be affected/infected/deflected on) wala lang, let's review this film. And maybe later, I'll decode for you that cryptic opening haha. … Continue reading Cinemalaya 2011: Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank

NETPAC 2011: Local Girls

NETPAC means Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema. Yearly, they do a selection of independently-produced full-length films and shortlist two handfuls of them flicks, showcase them and then select one winning film from that batch. Or something like that. This year, the NETPAC films from the Philippines were also showcased during the Cinemalaya independent … Continue reading NETPAC 2011: Local Girls


[FROM MY OLD MULTIPLY SITE] originally posted at ------------- TRIBU d. jim libiran Pitch: life of real-life gangsters in tondo portraying their lives, loves and death threats to the tune of improv slam-like freestyle old school rapping. yea boi! catch: ano bang cam ang ginamit? sana mas maganda ang resolution. hey, even CITY OF … Continue reading TRIBU