Oscars 2020: Parasite, or the sublime analytic

I watched this one because it's part of the Academy Award nominees. But Korean cinema and I go a long way back lol. Slight. Kasalanan ng Philippine cinema ito. But methinks I have to go back to more K-movies and watch the good ones I missed. Sige game. But first, this one. PARASITE (2019) d. … Continue reading Oscars 2020: Parasite, or the sublime analytic

in the works (-in-progress)

Just because a film reached the shores of Cannes doesn't mean that it's all that. But we commend it for reaching there, of course. Gujab for Pinoys itetch. But it still doesn't make it easier to overlook some glaring things that you wish were fixed before they flew this, no? Hmm. Basta. OTJ (2013) d. … Continue reading in the works (-in-progress)