Oscar movies as substitute for burnout

Or in short, here's what 30 pesos can buy you when you're on the brink of near beyond frustration: a multiple Oscar-nominated film copy. With isaw. THE KING'S SPEECH d. Tom Hooper c. Colin Firth, Helena Bonham   Carter, Goeffrey Rush, Guy Pearce Pitch: True story of King George VI when he was still known as … Continue reading Oscar movies as substitute for burnout


[FROM MY OLD MULTIPLY SITE] originally posted at leaflens.blogspot.com ----------------------------------------------------- NOTES ON A SCANDAL (2006) s. from the novel by zoe heller c. dame judy dench, cate blanchett pitch: a veteran closeted lesbian high school teacher uses a younger new teacher's scandalous affair with a student to curry favors in her favor catch: putangina ang … Continue reading NOTES ON A SCANDAL