MMFF 2016: Oro plata woof-woof

I'm not even going there, folks. I know ORO has a lot of controversy surrounding it, but we'll be barking up the wrong tree if I'll focus on it hehe. Google niyo na lang mga bes. For me, it's irrelevant to discuss here because I want to focus on the film itself, because I think … Continue reading MMFF 2016: Oro plata woof-woof

passage of time

I just realized that another month passed and still, no post here. Hm did I stop watching films? Not necessarily, but I did pick up TV series watching again though. But that's for another blog. Also got busy doing filmmaking stuff as well, and of course teaching film. Some things with family as well, and … Continue reading passage of time

Mama Cash project 1: The Voice Convening

Since I updated my hardware at home, I am now more capable of dealing with online video things. So I was able to finally upload one of the latest projects I've done this year. This is a music video-ish type of work I did for Mama Cash, an international NGO of sorts (mostly doing funding … Continue reading Mama Cash project 1: The Voice Convening