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sumu-showbiz…and then some

Posted in advocacy filmmaking, my production work, PBB, production life on December 31, 2011 by leaflens

It was also the year of going back to old loves — photography (both point-and-shoot + manual DSLR-ing), scriptwriting, and filmmaking. And doing some showbiz-oriented whatnots.

Taught a summer session on Basic Scriptwriting Workshop at UPFI

shooting three short documentaries for Mama Cash Netherlands here in Quezon City, Philippines

joined the Pinoy Big Brother team of volunteer writer-interviewers...

...and hung out with fellow kooky writers... different parts of the Philippines.

Accepted duties at the Cinemalaya film congress at the CCP.

(on location in Cavite) Got my heart into another advocacy filmmaking venture...

(on location in GenSan)...doing a short documentary on positive discipline...

(on location in Davao)...bringing a small but formidable production team with me...

(on location in Cebu)...interviewing parents, teachers and children...

(Children's Month launch)...for a project on children's rights.

Also tried my hand at directing a live event for the first time in my life...

..and it was awesome, in a high adrenalin way.

Sige lang 2011, maraming salamat sa mga kaganapang ito. And more for next year!


What a year, eh?

Posted in sine muni on December 31, 2011 by leaflens

Wow, either I became busy with the world or the world became busy with me! Haha in any case, I have been watching a lot of films ever since I learned a few, er, tricks of the trade and upgraded my home entertainment system at home and all that jazz. So I wasn’t able to jot down a few thoughts here this whole month! And now, we’re ending it! My, time flies really, really fast.

But don’t fret, dear readers (yes, I know you follow this!) since I just came from a movie date with my mum and I’ll be dishing out my MMFF2011 reviews very, very soon — as soon as I recover from the bad flicks and catch the good ones! (Yes, I know there are good ones, let’s not lose hope for Philippine mainstream cinema…echos!)

On that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you at the movies, folks! Expecting more great flicks to see next year… and who knows, maybe we’ll do one as well? Haha it’s free to dream!

Roll credits!

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