keri ba ang pag-Carrie on?

I guess this is the perfect time to review SEX AND THE CITY 2 because it's that time of the month for me. May kinalaman 'yon? Oo naman noh, depende sa pelikula. Swak ito, I tell you. Basta. Bago ko sinulat itong review, binasa ko muna ulit 'yung 2008 review ko sa unang pelikula. Ire-repost … Continue reading keri ba ang pag-Carrie on?

15th French Film Festival

Yesterday was fun. I got an invite to attend the press preview of the forthcoming French Film Festival at the Shangri-la Mall Cineplex in Ortigas. Glad that it's in Ortigas pa rin, somewhat more accessible for me to go to. Their line-up this year looks interesting. Well, their line-ups always are anyway. It's just that … Continue reading 15th French Film Festival